There are times we’ll find ourselves unsure of who we are, or why we are needed, or if our efforts are even doing any good.  Then there will be a moment where we hear a quiet whisper say to us, “You are Enough.”

You are Enough


This is a defining moment in our lives.  We can choose to believe, or choose to beat ourselves down.  In the moment where we start to talk to ourselves in ways that don’t help anyone, or the moment when someone else says things that make you think you aren’t worth anyone’s time, you can be reminded of the whisper that you heard once before, and internalize that message, “I am Enough.”

I am Enough


Once we know we can tell ourselves, “I am enough” we can turn that outward and teach others that they can say it too.  We can be kind, we can love, we can encourage, and we can remind each other that we are all doing the very best we can and that is enough.  Together we stand and say, “We are Enough.”

We are Enough


Today I am Enough is here to uplift, inspire, and ultimately become a safe place where you can be reminded of your potential and your worth and of God’s love for you.  I want you to be pleased with what you’ve accomplished no matter what it was – mothering, cleaning, career, education, etc. Seeing your worth for who you are and not basing your worth on your tasks or how you look.

Define Enough

 Some thoughts and ideas above are Amy van Dyk’s of Mormon Mom & Her Music. 
Amy is also the writer and composer for the song Today I am Enough.

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